Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cheap and cheerful lipsticks.

So autumn and winter are over and spring is in full swing! So what better time  to show my four favourite, corally, pink or red drugstore lipsticks for Spring and Summer! 


The first three are from the lasting perfection range from Collection, they each retail for £2.99 in Boots and the price varies in other stores. You need to ensure you moisturise your lips before applying because they can be drying dependant on how dry your lips already are. 

1. Sweet Tart
This colour is so pretty. The texture is smooth and the formula is not sheer in the slightest. This is my go to 'Barbie' pink for those days when I'm just not feeling coral. The picture below just doesn't do it justice! 

2. Mango Tango
It's a coral, the name is perfect for this colour. It's not too orange but not too red either, it's the perfect in between. Good formula and perfect for the summer months!

3. Valentine 
Okay, this is more of a deeper red, actually the colour I wore on Valentines day. It's a perfect red and pigmentation is not sheer at all. It's a bold colour which can be worn into the warmer months!

4. Shade 3
This colour doesn't have a name, none of the MUA ones do. This was actually bought for me from a friend. It's the perfect pink and red combination. The lipstick is long lasting but you definitely need to ensure you moisturise before you apply but for a £1 you can't really complain! 

Have you tried these? If not what's your favourite?

Love Sarah

PS. Sorry the quality of the pictures vary it's hard to get perfect lighting. The most true to colour pictures is the first one. Also sorry Mango Tango is squished. ;P 

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