Tuesday 8 April 2014

Living room inspiration!

On July 1st my boyfriend and I will be moving out of our student halls and into a house. This being said this we be our home for the next couple of years and so am really wanting to make this house a home and bring some person touches into the house. Between us we split the rooms and I have been given full rein of the living room. 

The kind of look I'm going for consists of a lot of blues; with the existing cream and dark brown sofa that the room already has and so I'm not allowed to change. 

I aim to use a lot of bright colours, and white to bring light into the room and make it look bigger. 

Below are examples of the colours and ideas that I want to try and include in the room. 

My boyfriend is a fan of dark wood and dark furniture in general and so I want to include that in the room even if it doesn't attract light the way I want to.

After watching a YouTube video I saw a cushion from zazzle. It's grey, has notched corners and the initial in the middle. I loved the style and wanted to buy one for me and my boyfriend to go on the sofa with the blue assortment of cushions but after reading the reviews I realised that the secret custom and shipping costs increased the price significantly and it could've ended up with me paying up to £60-70 for two cushions. That is not affordable in the slightest especially not on a student budget. 

This being said when in Ikea a couple of weeks ago I noticed some grey fabric which I adored, and along with transfer paper I'm going to make my own cushions for a significant of the cost of the zazzle ones. 

I'm a massive fab of candles, the bath and body work ones, yankee, even ikeas own and having candles in my living room is a must. This being said I wanted a way to set them out so that they would look pretty and not just like they were thrown onto the middle of the table. This is going to be done through the candle trays from Ikea! 

The one of the left is more common, having been seen in a ton of YouTube videos that being said I think I prefer the feel of the right one. It's sharper edge and the mirroring means that it will  reflect the light in the room as well as the candles that we display on it. 

I want to introduce floral aspects into the room and to do this I've been looking for suitable vases that will incorporate the blue but don't draw attention away from the flowers. So no big patterns or crazy shapes. 

This vase/jug I have completely fallen in love with. The style isn't extravagant and the blue and the ombré are so soft and with some neutral flowers I can really see it being an attention piece. It was from next but it's sold out, luckily I found it online. 

Love Sarah 

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