Tuesday 17 June 2014

Bedroom inspirations!

This is going to be a similar post to be living room inspirations one, explaining what I've bought and what I plan on doing to make the place feel more like a home.

Unlike the living room this room is very very small, which gives me little space to play with. I also spent a large amount on a Jack Wills duvet cover last Christmas, and as a student I can't really afford to just go out and spend a ton of money on another, so that's going to have to stay also. This being said the colours of the room have been decided from this duvet cover. The duvet cover is primarily navy with pink flowers, luckily navy and pink are my favourite colours.

 The first thing I purchased to go with this bedding with this cushion from George, it's Navy and says 'love' on it in a cursive font. I decided that the navy would go with the bedding and the white would give me a chance to bring more of that into the room.

The blanket I plain on purchasing is the same as everyone has; the IKEA Ofelia. I love how it's white and so it will draw some light in and away from the dark navy of the duvet. The white will also contrast well with the white on the cushion.

The bedside lights were purchased a while ago, because when I first moved into student accommodation I had no light so on my first food shopping trip I purchased a pink one, which I ended up never using and so I kept it and recently purchased another so they matched on either side of the bed. The pink is a similar colour to the pink of the duvet cover.

I plain on keeping the navy in the room to a minimum and instead focusing on white and pink to draw colour in and make the room feel bigger than it is. Luckily I don't need to purchase wardrobes since they are built in, and there is a set in the other room too giving us a wardrobe each. I do however need to decide on bedside tables, I think that this will need to be decided once we can see how much room we have and I'm still trying to figure out what to do about curtains, obviously I would want them to be pink or white but the style and such is still unknown.  

I'm sure when I've moved in and put the room together I'll post more pictures of how it's come together.  

Love Sarah 

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