Friday 20 June 2014

Frugal Fridays!

Every Friday I'm going to do a give tips on how to make your itty student funds go that just bit further as I know when you're a student you can be very strapped for cash.

Firstly do your shopping in advance, you have no idea how much of a difference it'll make. My boyfriend and I are able to spend somewhere between £70-100 on our food for a month because we plan out our meals and eat the fresh food first, and the food that we know we will not have time to eat we freeze so that we do not waste anything. By doing this we don't spend money on food we don't eat and don't end up having to go to the local shop late at night to spend a lot more on dinner than we would've if we had bought it online. We do our food shopping with ocado. They have offers for inviting friends which we've also done. ;P

Secondly is plan out a budget for clothes and stick to it, you'd be surprised during the sales how much you'll get for your money. Also always check if your student discount works on sale items, you'll be missing out if you don't as a lot of times it does. Also with makeup buy in bulk if it's on deals, okay at the time when you're paying out £25.00 for foundation that will be expensive, but say it's buy 2 get one free and one bottle lasts you 2-3 months you'll be good for 9 months if you're lucky! That's a saving. 

Get a bite card and a 16-25 card! A 16-25 card costs £30 and it'll save you a third on rail prices and if you connect it to your oyster card it'll get a third off that travel too. It's great, especially for long journeys to see friends on the other side of the country. It's also good to buy your tickets in advance, I buy mine on redspottedhanky and that has saved me a lot. A bite card is a free card that you can sign up for that will get you 20% off at a ton of rail station brands which is great when you're traveling, even if it's just a trip home and you fancy a burger, and it's free!

My last tip is about saving. I opened a savings account last year and by paying in a small amount on a regular basis when you need the money, may it be for your rent or just a treat for yourself when you're feeling down you'll have the money. It's a great reassurance for those months when you're struggling for funds to know that you have some money to back you up if you need it. I'm saving for home things and my utilities next month so therefore I'll be able to buy myself some new summer clothes when I have the time. A good one to have is the post office one.

And that's all my tips for this week, I'll be back with more discounts, sales and way to stretch that loan!

Love Sarah 

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