Monday 16 June 2014

HomeSense haul!

I realise I haven't posted in what seems like forever but May could have just been the craziest month of the year so far. I ended up with a severe kidney infection leading me to being in hospital on two separate occasions, it was not fun. That being said I want to get blogging again because writing is something I've always enjoyed doing and recently I was lucky enough to go to HomeSense which is somewhere I've wanted to go to for the longest time ever after seeing it in vlogs, and because of my incredible love for TKmaxx. I was not disappointed!

As said before on the 1st July I will be moving into a house with my boyfriend for the next student year, and so throughout the last couple of months we've been buying things that we are going to need. I must admit I am absolutely addicted to home-ware, usually my love is with clothing or makeup but recently all I want to buy is home things!

The first thing I bought was probably the least necessary of them all, but for a girl who loves carrot and houmous, pepper and houmous, cucumber and houmous, anything and houmous, it was needed. I mean how have I been eating my dips for all this time without the amazing invention of a dipping cone. It has two sections, one for the dip and one for the crudities. The dip section comes out making it easy to clean and I love it! It makes dipping even more fun. ;)

The next thing is more necessary, for my birthday my friend bought me the pastel whisk from Tesco from that amazing range, since then I have been committed to ensuring that all my baking tools are within that colour range, pastel only. In the clearance section I noticed a very thick sturdy pastel purple bowl with a spout, it's the prettiest colour and it was only £3 which to me seems like a bit of a steal. 

I also bought a pizza slicer which is so bo-oring! But who doesn't love pizza! It's just not the same cutting it with a knife, it's a stainless steel one and I'm hoping it'll last us quite a while.

My boyfriend seems to have this hate for plastic in the kitchen but to be honest I find it easier to clean and less likely to break when I drop it, which I do on a daily basis, because of this we'd been looking for ages for wooden salad tongs but none of them were right so I just caved and spent £2 on a lovely pink pair, he can complain but they were so cheap that even if we barely use them it doesn't matter.

One of the things I was happiest with were some pyrex measuring beakers? I guess you could call them. I know measuring beakers, you're so excited right now. I just think they are so cool because it means I can measure, rice, sugar, flour and liquids which to me is great because I'm too lazy to always use scales. I guess the silliest of things make me happy.

The last thing is more decorative, when I saw this frame I fell in love. Homesense have the best selection of frames I have ever seen, every colour and style, it was incredible. This one just drew my attention the minute I saw it though and none of them compared. It has the prettiest little flowers within the pattern and I can't wait to find a lovely picture to fill it. 

I hope you enjoyed this haul and I'll be posting more as the house comes together.   

Love Sarah 

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