Thursday 19 June 2014

You Beauty Discovery box review! June 2014.

It's review time! This is my second month getting this box, I also get glossy and latest in beauty but reviews will be done on them at another time. These boxes cost £6.95, including delivery which is much less than a lot of boxes. That being said you do get a lot less, two items that you can choose and two 'free' items.

The first item I chose was the l'oreal paris infalliable 24h lip colour in 110 timeless rose. This retails for £9.99 and it a new product on the market. Which is much better than a lot of the products I've previously received in boxes which companies are just trying to get rid of. I also love the colour, there was a much brighter colour but I figured I'd get more use out of this one. I do think the lasting power is great but it's not exactly a life changing product. Maybe as I use it more I will love it more, either way it was a good value considering how much I paid for the box.

The next product I chose was the Her Haircare Rituals 300 Trecento Reinvitialising Hair Treatment that you put on before you wash your hair.  I got a little pot with a 75ml sample.You put dampen your hair, put the treatment in  leave in for 5 minutes, 300 seconds, before rinsing and washing your hair as normal. It aims to create a protective layer to 'restore resilience, strength and elasticity to minimise frizz, enhancing health and shine'. I'm all for products like this because I don't have the best relationship with my hair, haha. I've had problems with my scalp and my ends and it's so hard to deal with, especially since a lot of it is caused by the hard water which I can't get away from! After one use of this product I have seen some changes. Since I can only use this at most 2 times a week; I use it every other hair wash so that's once a week, I haven't seen dramatic ones, but I'm hoping that if I continue to consistently use it my hair will improve further. I'm not sure I like it enough though to pay the £30 for 200ml. 

The first free item I got was an heart expandable face cloth. I don't know what there is to say about this, it does it's job and the heart shape was adorable. It's great to be used to with the next product that I got. The other free item was a Dead Sea Mud Spa mask by Montagne Jeunesse. These masks aren't particularly expensive but I have a long time love for them. The come in so many different scents to help  different skin types. My boyfriend and I have had nights were we've had a spa night and put them on and he loves them also. That being said this mask doesn't disappoint. I love the the fact it's a spa mask and I found it luxurious and a nice little treat. :)

Overall I think that this has been a good value box and whilst I may not also be able to pay the price of a birch or glossy box I will keep getting this one as it's a nice little treat to get once a month. 

Love Sarah 

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