Wednesday 16 July 2014

The joys of moving! & new house!

So I've moved! I was hoping I'd be able to get a blog post up sooner but I kept putting it off for ages and so 2 weeks later here I am! I must admit I'm very glad to have moved out of halls, they say that the experience is one just have to have and I'm sure for some people they have a whale of a time, but not me. My flatmates were not the friendliest of people and between leaving the kitchen incredibly messy and smoking weed there isn't much to say about them. I was excited to move. Sadly the move wasn't as simple as I'd planned. I had to check out at 10am, which was absolutely ridiculous, I'd been living at home since when I had been ill so my boyfriend had been packing but still getting my crazy amount of things out of that place so early was not happening. To add to that we couldn't get the keys till 10:30 so we emptied my room onto the grass outside and checked out. Whilst doing that my boyfriend called to check we could still collect the keys at 10:30 and they told him we couldn't because the last tenants had checked out late and the place was a mess! I ended up going to them and begging for the keys.

My dad was helping us and so he drove me over. It was a mess, I don't know how the could live like that, it meant we couldn't unpack though. The lettings agents promised the cleaners would be here that day so we ended up taking a nap but when we woke up they still weren't here. We ended up going back to my parents because we weren't able to live in the house due to the mess and boxes. My boyfriend phoned in the morning and the cleaners were round by 11, they cleaned for 5 hours and we were finally able to unpack. We've done a lot since these pictures but I'll do separate posts on that. It's been exciting!

PS. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they were taken quickly when we first got the keys to use as evidence in the future and I have no others with the house empty! The newer ones will be much better.

Love Sarah