Monday 13 October 2014

Beauty Advent calenders! You Beauty Discovery!

Just my luck, since I posted my last post, You Beauty Discovery have announced there's. As you may know I'm a massive lover of their brand and I receive the monthly box, that being said I was extremely excited when I saw the email about their advent calendar. Priced at £49.95 it's the middle price range and isn't too pricey, and looking at it you can see  they really have got some great products in there. With brands such a Laura Mercier and Liz Earle to name a few! That being said a lot of the products have been in the boxes this year and so if you bought a lot of the boxes you may end up with a ton of doubles. For me I'm unsure of whether I want to purchase this box. I love the brand and the products but I never get round to trying all the new products I get in my box and to have that many at once may mean some get wasted. So I really need to think about whether it's worth me buying. If you're interested it's available now from here.

Love Sarah

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