Tuesday 21 October 2014

Dressing table dream!

Every girl's dream? A dressing table. I've always wanted one as long as I can remember but never had the space, still don't really but we're going with what I do have! I haven't got the most traditional style, I like to be a bit different.

Ikea can be a bit boring, same old tables, chairs and sofas! Boring? That being said they do have some 'unique' pieces. The table I'm loving is the Vittsjo laptop table. It's primarily a metal frame with glass. Kinda different to the usual dressing table. 

1. First is the table, I like this table because it's different, a bit rougher and less conventional. It's industrial even. Also the glass means it doesn't look like it's taking up as much space. It's just all round perfect, lets just hope it fits! It's £30 from IKEA and you can buy it here.

2. The stool, so I need somewhere to sit. I chose this wood as it matches the rest of the room. It's simple, I may even add a cushion to add a feminine touch to the area. It's from IKEA, costs £20 and you can buy it here.

3. This is so cute! Ideally I want this to store brushes in, it's got a lace effect which is so pretty and it's a beautiful mix of cream and gold. A few of these and everything I could ever need to apply make-up is sorted! It's £2.99 from H&M and you can buy here.

4. Girlie touches! The main colours in our bedroom are white and pink with a bit of navy. Mostly because they are my favourite colours and our bedroom is a tad less sophisticated that the rest of our house. This vase is so pretty and pink! It's £6.99, from DuneIm. You can buy here.

5. I want to put a couple of these fake roses in the vase to add a pretty touch, and they match the room perfectly. They're £4.99, from DuneIm. You can buy here.

I love having lace, and ruffles with plain industrial style pieces because it suits both me and my boyfriends taste and the room isn't a girls heaven or a girls hell (his room before I came along ;))

I'm hoping to start this transformation in January , hello student loan, so lets just hope it all works out how I want. 

Love Sarah

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