Saturday 25 October 2014

The 90's tag!

I know I may be the last person ever to do this, also it's debatable how much I experienced of the 1990's as I was born early 1995, so I was nearly 5 when it ended that being said I still feel I had some of the 90's experiences. 

1. Favourite Disney Film?

As a child I wasn't a massive Disney fanatic that being said I absolutely adored A Bug's Life and The Lion King, my all time favourite film though was A Little Princess. It isn't a Disney film but I loved that film, probably because the main character is called Sarah but also because it's such a heart-warming lovely film. I still love it now.

2. Favourite Music Artist?

SCLUB 7! I loved them so much, I knew all the words and we used to make dances up on the steps at school. More recently I went back and watched their whole tv show on YouTube, it reminded me how obsessed I was with them. So glad they are reuniting for a charity song this year. I also loved Spice Girls a lot and steps. Tragedy was one of my favourite songs. 

3. Favourite Candy/Sweeties?

At discos I loved the fruit polos they were super sticky and would make my bag super sticky and messy, I also loved Flying Saucers they were like 2p and I would literally spend all my money on them. Oh and the Woolworths pick and mix I used to stuff me face with it.

4. Favourite Game (Board Game, School Game etc)

I loved The Game of Perfection! You had to match and put in all the plastic pieces before it went off and the all fell out and you had to start again. I also loved Frustration with the pop'o'matic dice. I also had an older version of Mouse Trap. My dad was really into gameboys so I also had pokemon and tetris on my orginal gameboy. 

5. Favourite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy?

Ty beanies! My gosh, the day when the happy meal toys were actually really good. I rarely went to Mcdonalds as a child, but my nanny would take me now and then. I used to love them, and all the other soft toys. 

6. Favourite Book?

My favourite book when I was little was the Jolly Postman because I liked looking at the letters and all the pockets to put things in. Then when I was slightly older I liked The Milly Molly Mandy books my granny passed down from when she was little. Then of course was Jacqueline Wilson which I loved! Tracy Beaker and Double Act where some of my favourites.

7. Favourite Clothing Store?

As said before I was quite young in the the nineties but I do remember loving to shop at Tammy, Woolworths and Asda clothes selection. I had this Barbie top which I just loved. My all time favourite shop was Claire's accesories! I loved it so much, all the jewellery and scrunchies.

8. Favourite NickJnr Show and What would you watch when you got home from school?

I never had NickJnr so I combined these questions. My mum used to love for me to watch educational shows. As a little child I used to love Rosie and Jim and the wombles. As an older child I loved The Queens Nose, My Parents Are Aliens. I also liked Rugrats and of course Arthur!

I really enjoyed doing this tag, looking back on my childhood. I hope you did too, and you recognise some of the things I've talked about.

Love Sarah

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