Friday 31 October 2014

Zoella Fizz Bar Review.

I always feel like my superdrugs are the last ones to get new stock in, so you can guess how excited I was when I saw the Zoella stand the other day. I've gotta admit I was kinda expecting more, she barely had a couple of shelves! That being said the packaging is very cute, the cream and pink with lace detail would look pretty in any bathroom. Don't even get me started on the make-up bags!

I knew I wanted to get one of her products but my bathroom is already overrun with shower gels and lotions so I decided on the Fizz Bar as it seemed really unique and different to anything else I've tried. I also love taking a bath when I've the time.

I also think that the pricing is very appropriate, she has definitely considered her audience and made her products 'pocket money appropriate'. I would definitely be willing to pay £5 for the shower cream/bath soak as it is a reasonably good size. Whilst in the shop I made to sure to smell all of her products and they all smell really lovely. They have a very neutral fresh scent and I really feel as it's a smell everyone will enjoy. 

First of I'm sad to say that when I opened my bar it was slightly smashed and so breaking it into pieces to drop into my bath was near impossible. Also my boyfriend is convinced that we have some monster bath and so I needed to put in nearly the whole bar which didn't help the situation.

The Fizz Bar doesn't look like anything spectacular. Just a cream coloured bar in the style of a chocolate bar with her 'Z' all over it. After putting my two 'pieces' into the bath it fizzed around making the bathroom smell beautiful. it doesn't bubbly exactly, just makes a light silky foam. Due to this it also made my skin feel silky and soft, and smell beautiful. The scent is so fresh though that luckily it doesn't become overbearing. I'm excited to use it again, as I think it's great! It's a nice treat to have for those cold nights!

When we moved in I was convinced the bathroom would me blue themed but my Soap and Glory collection have made it a pink paradise which I'm happy to say the Fizz bar will be joining.

Sorry for the awful lighting. Bust bulbs = dark bathroom.
Also Happy Halloween!

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