Wednesday 5 November 2014

Autumnal Nails!

Having freshly painted nails is one thing that I really love! I love changing them up for the season, may it be the Summer or Winter. These are my current favourites for this Autumn, there's the mix of purples and dark beautiful reds.

The first one is a dusky purple colour, it's by Barry M and it's called Berry Ice Cream. This colour looks a lot brighter than it actually is, and it's the kinda of colour you could really wear all year round. It's nice to add a bit of colour to a darker Autumn outfit. This bottle is nearly empty, just shows how much I love it!

Next is one called Ledbury Road by Nail Inc, and it's a metallic grey and it looks so beautiful. It's the kind of nail polish that looks different depending on the lighting and also the angle. It just adds a bit of glam to a plain outfit, and what better time to wear metallics than Autumn.

This warmer purple is from BeautyUk it's called Ultra violet It's definitely not the brightest of purples and is once again a darker version of the classic lilac nails. BeautyUk polishes are great value for money even if they don't last as long as some of my others do. That being said they do apply well.

I love this Ciate one it's a dusky pink with a warm tone which is perfect for fall, it's called Pocket Money. It's a nice alternative to a nude nail as it's in a similar shade but just darker. I love this when I don't want really bold out-there nails as it's subtle. The formula is really great too.

My deep red is Berry Cosmo by Barry M, I didn't realised they were both Berry shades! This is a deep burgundy red, great for this time of the year and just like some of the lipsticks I've been wearing recently.

And finally the bright red, this is one of the very few polishes I own from Essie. I'm pretty sure the colour is called Raspberry and it's so bright. The formula is great it applies really well, dries nicely and looks beautifully shiny.

What are you favourite nail polishes to wear this season? I'd love to add to my ridiculous collection.

Love Sarah 

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