Saturday 1 November 2014

It's back! Glamour Magazine & Nail Inc!

Every year for the last 4 years I've been building up quite a collection of Nails Inc London nail polishes, but not once have I paid full price. Their polishes are £11 or more and however much I love them I can't justify that! Every year around Christmas time Glamour magazine do one free with their magazine. I couldn't completely forgetton about this so you gotta imagine how happy I was when I saw it, I threw it in the basket, no questions asked.

Sadly one of the colours, 'Tate' they had last year but the other three are lovely. Two of them are Autumnal Wintery shades and one of them looks to be a metallic nude. None of these shades are on the website which is kinda annoying, and they seem to have the old round packaging. That being said they are still great polishes. The texture of them is amazing and the formula is very long lasting.

I got my magazine in the co-op so with student discount so it cost £1.80 which is amazing, I got the colour Wigmore Street which is a beautiful dark purple. I don't actually own a colour like this which is great. The magazine also contains The Body Shop 'little card of Christmas wishes' which they did last year. It is basically a card that could contain £3, £15, £100 or £1000. Obviously it's very unlucky you'll have £1000 but even so £3 is good enough for a little treat.

You should definitely keep your eyes out, because it's great deal!

Love Sarah

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