Sunday 2 November 2014

Mini feel unique haul!

I'm a shopaholic, always wanting to buy new make-up and clothes but being a student I don't really have to funds for that kind of lifestyle. That being said recently had a code for if you spent £25 you got £10 off, a perfect opportunity to replace products that were running out and try a few new ones. I bought; Urban Decay De-slick setting spray, Yes to Cucumber towelettes and a mini John Freida blonde hairspray. I also bought a gift for a friend which has already been wrapped.

The Urban Decay De-slick setting spray is my favourite. I last bought it at the beginning of July and it lasted me for months and months. Originally I had decided it was too expensive but I was paying £5.99 for the Collection one which would last less than a week so it was definitely work investing it. I have considered trying the other Urban Decay setting sprays but right now I have one that works and that I love so I'm not in any rush. I may buy a mini one though for travelling.

The Yes to Cucumber towelettes look really cool, I've heard so much about them and so it made sense to buy a small packet in case my skin reacts to them. I've been using the Nivea ones for a really long time and so it's hard to sway me to try other brands because whenever I have my skin has broken out really bad. Even the Simple wipes my skin doesn't like. These wipes smell of cucumber and seem really moist, so they should do a good job at getting my make-up off, let's just hope they don't irritate my skin.

The last thing I bought is a mini John Freida blondes hairspray. I got this for a few reasons, firstly it had 5/5 star reviews. Also I'm pretty sure I used it before and loved it, the travel size is great for throwing in my handbag or my washbag for holidays as my other hairspray is massive. Once again if I hate it, I only spent a couple of pounds.

Love Sarah

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