Sunday 9 November 2014

My most used apps!

Since getting my phone around 9 months ago I was obsessed with downloading apps. It seems this day that there is a app for everything these days. 

The app I probably use the most is Instagram! I love looking at pictures that my friends and the people I follow post. It's just a really easy way to keep in touch. I always seem to post pictures of my food when it looks pretty.

The next app that I really love it Pact. I've talked about this app before, and I use to to ensure that I do a certain amount of exercise a week. Per 'workout' you get paid an amount which is variable from week to week. I have probably made about £30-40 from this app although I do primarily use it to stay healthy. You can also log your meals, using Fitness Pal. There's also the Veggie pact, which I use to make sure I do ate a certain amount of veg. Being a student eating healthily isn't always my first priority! 

Another app I use to stay healthy and no just live off of the normal student diet is Yummly. I love this app! It's like a massive cookbook, I just search for a recipe or browse the popular ones and then save them into sub-categories. You can then add the ingredients from the recipe onto a shopping list. The recipes on this app come from all over the internet and all over the world. I use it if I have very few things in my fridge and I want to make something out of them.

Everyone hates waking up in the morning, especially on a Monday! I use the Sleep Time app to help with this. It analysis your sleep and wakes you up when your are in light sleep. This means less mornings where I have to drag myself out of the bed. It's also just really interesting to see how you slept.    

These are the four apps that I pretty much use the most. What app can you not live without? I'm always interested in downloading more.

Love Sarah


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