Monday 3 November 2014

What's in my shower? November 2014.

I've seen these posts floating around YouTube and Blogger so I figured I'd do one. I don't know about you but I'm super nosy and I love to know what products people use in the shower. I don't have much in my shower sadly, I'm not the type of person that uses 50 billion products. That being said my shower routine varies dependent on how long I have. 

I do like to have baths but lets be honest I'd rather spent the time in bed rather than getting ready in the morning. I do have selection of bath products that I use but that I'll be another post. It's also just much easier with all my hair to have a shower that being said here's my four essential products.

 The first product is Lush American Cream conditioner. It's amazing, the scent is so sweet. My boyfriend always tells me he can smell it my hair for ages afterwards. It's a thick consistency, and I find it really stops my hair from drying out. This is the biggest bottle and it costs £14.50 which is normally too much for me to spend on a conditioner but it's lasted for ages. It says it has lavender in it which is good for the scalp but I only use it on my ends as when I use conditioner on my scalp it makes it super oily and irritates it.

Next is the L'Oreal EverPure shampoo, my bottle is so messed up it seems they printed the label on wrong! Oh well it's still the same product. I like this shampoo because it has no sulphates, which I find great for my scalp. I have the Colourcare & moisture one because I've been using the L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly to make my hair blonder and I want to protect and repair it from the damage I've been doing. I find this shampoo doesn't leave build-up for me unlike a lot of other I've tried.

Now for body, I'm Soap and Glory obsessed so they are both from Soap and Glory. The first is Orangeasm Body Wash, before I'd been hooked on the Sugar Crush one but my boyfriend got this for me for our anniversary and I love it! I love the orangey smell and I find it really wakes me and makes me super duper cream which obviously want I want in a body wash. It's makes my skin soft too which is a plus. And the name is cheeky!

The last product is Scrub Of Your Life smoothing body scrub, this has a really great smell, and it actually works! I've use so many scrubs that either too abrasive and irritate my skin or do absolutely nothing at all. I use this on my elbows and knees and anywhere else that is dry, wash it off and I notice a different straight out of the shower. It's also great for when I'm fake tanning. This isn't the first scrub I've tried from Soap and Glory and I all the ones I've tried I've loved.

Thanks for reading, and getting an insight into my cleaning routine! You all should so one too, I love finding out about new products to try.

Love Sarah

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