Monday 1 December 2014

Christmas wishlist!

Every time when Christmas comes round family and friends ask me what I want for Christmas and I never know what to say. I should probably think about it a little more, so I did, and below are the things I would love for Christmas!

The first thing is the Real Technique brushes Sam's picks, I've never had any really good quality brushes, I believe them to a be an investment so I want know I'm getting some good ones. These brushes are truly beautiful, maybe I'll get them as a Christmas present to myself. We'll see, they seem to be sold out nearly everywhere which sucks!

£15.00, Debenhams
The next thing is completely different. I'm homeware obsessed, that is no secret. We have nearly completely kitted out of house, and we do have all the essentials but some rooms are still not exactly what I'd called finished and still needs finishing touches. To be perfectly honest I'd love anything home related but I do have my heart set on getting some pictures for the walls in the living room because they feel slightly bare.

Jane strappy dress £10,
Now for a fashion item. Boohoo is both my nemesis and my best friend. I love glancing at the dresses on their website. Currently I have my eyes set on quite a few, may the be for Christmas day or New Years eve. I feel like I'm always in need of another dress and then another, then another. I guess I'll never have enough! This dress in particular is what I want to wear on New Years Eve, and then most probably go a little all out on glitter, since it is New Years Eve after all. It's plain so I have that option, last year my outfit was the glitter so I had to keep my make-up more neutral.

I'd love anything Lush! I've been meaning to get there and buy some products to take on our lovely snowy nights away to Austria. Right now I have my eye on so many different things, I just can't choose! Honestly anything from Lush would be perfect. Look at the Luxury pud, it's so pretty, it would make my bath a beautiful rainbow too!
Luxury pud, £3.50

These are the things I have my eyes on right now, it's not the longest list but honestly it's the only things I can think of, this week is going to be pretty busy and the Clothes Show Live is on Saturday which I am super excited about. That being said I want to try and keep up with posting on both here and my instagram.

Love Sarah

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