Sunday 26 April 2015

My 20th Birthday!

On the 16th, I turned 20! I can't believe it, it seems it as if I had only just 19. From the croissants for breakfast to the pink fizz and cake late in the evening; it was a really lovely day, probably one of my best Birthdays I've ever had.

My boyfriend wrapped all my presents in Hello Kitty paper, with a Hello Kitty gift bag and balloon! Anyone who knows me knows my love of Hello Kitty and he did really well. He got me a stunning watch, a beautiful edition of A Little Princess (my favourite film growing up!). He also got me a ton of Soap and Glory things, and a Sally Hansen nail varnish in Kook-a-mango (because I love mango). He always gets the most thoughtful gifts.

From my parents I got the Instax mini 8 in raspberry and I am in love! I had asked for it so it wasn't really a surprise but I had no idea how much I would love it. There's just something about having a physical photo compared to just having it on Instagram. I can't wait to use it to document so many memories. My grandparents also got me some accessories for it; an adorable polka-dot case, extra film and an album to keep my pictures safe in.

My day consisted of visiting family, going out for lunch, wandering around town and getting a yummy iced cooler, dinner and then my giant cupcake Birthday cake. It really was the perfect way to spend the day!

Love Sarah 

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