Monday 27 April 2015

New Years Resolutions Update!

Back in January I wrote a post on my News Year Resolutions, which you can read here. If you haven't read the post here's a brief overview;

1. Be healthier
2. Learn to drive.
3. Spend more time with family.
4. Blog more.
5. Figure out what I want to do with my future.

We're a third of the way thorough the year (I know right?! It's crazy!). So I thought what better time to do an update on how well I am doing with them.

1. This one hasn't go that well, I mean we've definitely been having less takeouts but they've never really been my thing so that's not that big of a deal. Savoury foods are definitely my weakness, I could eat a billion packets of crisps or cheesy biscuits. I do think I'm snacking less though!

2. Okay, no process. I need to book me some lessons!

3. This one I feel as if I have made some process with. Nearly every weekend in April we spent with my boyfriends's family and I've spent most of the Easter hols at home with my family. It's been really nice to spend time with the people you care about.

4. Another fail, I managed to disappear from the world of blogging for a couple of months.

5. I've got my heart set on finishing this course, even if it kills me in the process! It may not be the most enjoyable experience but I want to have a degree.

As you can see I'm not doing all that great at achieving my resolutions. Lets hope my next update in August will show more progress!

Love Sarah

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