Friday 4 September 2015

Autumn Essentials!

It's just fantastic when it starts to get colder, you know Christmas is coming! Even though I do have to go to university every day in the rain at least I know when I get back the blankets and tea are waiting for me! Sadly I'm not really a pumpkin spice latte kinda gal, although my boyfriend loves it, meaning I have to settle for tea. Not that I'm complaining, I love tea. 

1. The lipstick I'm loving this season is by Topshop and it's called inhibition. I was looking forever for a nice berry, purplish toned lipstick and it's perfect I pretty much wear it every day. It's matte too, which is great. Lipsticks like this are hard to come by as a lot of the cheaper ones have barely any pigment and offer more of a tint than anything else, but this one is really bold. 

2. The second beauty related item is Vaseline Spray and Go. Colder weather means drier skin, and it's just so easy to spray this moisturiser on and then well, go! It's in the name really. Either way it's a great product to have and stops you from getting that annoying dry skin right all through Autumn and Winter. 

3. The third is the well-raved about Maybelline colour tattoo, in on and on bronze! It's such an easy colour to wear. I love how it has shimmer to it as I love to wear it with a matte lipstick and it just pulls the look together. It's also great for smokey eyes on nights out.

4. Boots! I have two pairs I wear a lot! The first is a pair I bought years ago, that are my "sensible pair". They are combat style and keep my feet well and truly dry through the puddles and rain. They are also so incredibly comfortable. My other pair not so much, I bought them at Primark a few years ago and they are starting to fall apart. They are black with a heel, and they are exactly practical but I love them, and they see to go with some many things. 

5. I'm also loving knee high socks, luckily last year I bought like fifty pairs so I'm not lacking them and boots keep my feet warm and dry from the enormous amounts of puddles leading my way to uni. They are such a versatile piece, worn with skirts or rolled down with jeans and boots.    

6. Chicken and Sweetcorn! This is my favourite food right now! And for a student who can't really afford to make her own soup this is perfect. Super scrummy and great for cold days in a big mug, curled up on the sofa. Just a really feel good food at this time of year. 

7. Warm scarves are a must have for this season, and going into the next. They can both offer warmth or be worn as an accessory. Whether it be woolen for warmth or patterned for style they are a must have in the colder months.

8. Next is my parka! I got this super cheap last winter from Topshop, and since it's unlined I can layer a billion layers underneath it. It's also super long so it keeps protected from the rain, wind and whatever else the weather may throw at me. 

And these are my 8 essentials for Autumn, what are you currently lovin'?!

Love Sarah

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