Monday 28 November 2016

Copper Illuminated mirrors - Spend and Save!

Applying your make-up when you have bad lighting can be really difficult, and so I've been looking to buy an illuminated mirror for a while but they can be so expensive. And since I'm currently copper obsessed at the moment it kinda had to be copper! Then a couple of months ago, one caught my eye, it light up, it was copper; it was everything that I was looking for; and then I had to go and forgot where I had seen it. With no amount of googling was I able to find it again! Until recently when by luck, I came across it on Boots' website. Due to mirrors of this design being difficult to find I wanted to write a blog post to make it easier for anyone else looking for one like these. 

Wilko (£10) & Boots (£18.99)

The cheaper option is this one Glow Light Up Mirror from Wilko, it costs £10 and is battery powered, which is super convenient if you didn't have a plug socket nearby. Since it is only £10 it is very basic, it only has one light setting and doesn't have varying magnification. It is perfect if you are on a budget or looking for a mirror that is basic and doesn't have many functions. It is definitely a more of a rose gold than copper. You can find it here.

The more expensive option is the No7 Rose Gold Illuminated Mirror from Boots, it costs £18.99 (as of 27/12/16). It normally costs £49.99. Whilst it isn't the most expensive mirror, it is definitely much more of an investment. It has 5x magnification, 360° lighting, a dimmer switch and a swivel motion so that you can potion it at various angles. Unlike the Wilko mirror it is mains-powered and so needs to be by a plug. This is the mirror that I own and I am really excited to use it. You can find it here.

Either way having a good mirror can really effect how nicely you can apply your makeup so it's important to have one that is good size so you can ensure your overall make-up looks good and works together. 

Do you have a mirror that makes applying make-up super easy?

Love Sarah 

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