Saturday 24 December 2016

10 Christmas Eve Traditions to try! ❅

I can't believe that Christmas is tomorrow, and that this is the final of my 12 posts leading up to Christmas. What better way to end this series than a post about today itself! So here are 10 Christmas Eve Traditions to try.

1. Give and get Christmas Pyjamas. In Winter who doesn't like receiving new pyjamas so whether its just you and your partner exchanging or it is a family affair exchanging new pyjamas on Christmas Eve is really fun.

2. Christmas movie night. Find a film to watch may it be a new one or an old favourite and watch it with your favourite people. After the stress of Christmas it's good to relax and appreciate the time together.

3. Hot Chocolate. Whether it's peppermint orange or plain, making hot chocolate can be really fun.

4. Make cookies. Maybe they are for Santa or maybe just because you love cookies it's a fun thing to do on Christmas Eve.

5. Wrap presents. Some people find this festive, some stressful. It can be really fun if you only have a few left to wrap!

6. Have a games night. Playing games with family can be really fun, just make sure it doesn't get too competitive. No one wants a bad atmosphere!

7. Go to a midnight candlelight service. Not for everyone but there isn't anything more festive than that. It can really put you in the Christmas mood.

8. Exchange tree decorations. Buy family and friends ornaments and exchange them, a sneaky way to do presents before the actual day.

9. Get started on food preparations. Whether it's cooking the meat or preparing the veg, it'll be one less stress on Christmas Day.

10. Make it a pamper night. Paint your nails, do a hair or face mask and chill. After all that stress it's time to enjoy the festive season.

Is there something you do on Christmas Eve that you love? Merry Christmas, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and an amazing end to 2016.

Love Sarah 

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