Saturday 10 December 2016

Favourite Festive Reds ❅

I'm not necessarily a big wearer of red products, but there is definitely something Christmasey about wear red during December. Due to this I do not own a big selection of red lip products but I do have a few favourites that I always reach for. Since my complexion is fairly pale they offer a Christmas hue whereas on people with a darker complexion they may show to be more orange toned.

Avon Ultra glazewear in Fiery Red, £3. I love these Avon products. Whilst they aren't for everyone because they aren't matte you can blot them down a little and they wear well; leaving a natural looking red stain on your lips once the sheen has gone. The price can range with else but for £3 they are definitely worth it.

Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil in Love, $25. These Lip pencils are ridiculously hard to get yours hands on; I received mine in the Love Me Beauty box. The formula of these is amazing, they feel velvety, they last all day and are very hydrating (they even stay on through eating). When they do start to wear off  it is gradual and even. If you can find these definitely try them!

Make Up Academy in Shade 13, £1. The lipsticks from Make Up Academy are a total bargain! They come in a range of colours so there is seriously one for everyone. The formula is very creamy but you do need to ensure that your lips are well exfoliated as they will stick to dry patches and can look uneven due to this. Whilst these lipsticks don't have the best staying power and will come off pretty easily they aren't half bad for a £1 and perfect if you don't want to invest in a colour you're only going to wear a handful of times.

Do you have a favourite beauty products that you love to wear at Christmas?

Love Sarah

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