Friday 2 December 2016

Gift ideas for Brothers, Boyfriends and Husbands ❅

Men can be notoriously hard to buy for. My boyfriend and I only do stocking fillers since Christmas is such an expensive time of year we'd rather not stress over buying each other expensive gifts. 

My first gift idea is food, yes it's the most obvious. But most guys like food, my boyfriend's favourite is Reese's. He's obsessed, every Birthday or Christmas it's a go-to gift for him. He's also a big fan of hot drinks, last year I got him Mulled Wine Tea and this year Gingerbread. 

Secondly electronics; headphones, computer accessories, gaming. Chances are he's interested in gaming or music and so a new pair of headphones or a new mouse can be a great gift. I mean you can never have enough pairs of headphones since they are always going missing.

Clothes can be hard to buy for guys unless you really have their fashion preference down to a T. That being said maybe he has a favourite sports team, TV show or computer game and with that you can't really go wrong; my boyfriend is a Reddit obsessed so I got him a T-shirt with the Reddit logo for his birthday. My brother on the other hand is a brand addict, so a Ellesse top is great for him

Bath products can also be hard and not for everyone but I know a lot of guys that love LUSH products and they do have a lot to offer. The shower jellies are great for people who don't have baths and are great for guys that don't like a lot of fuss but you still want to give them something with Christmas spirit. I'm going to buy my boyfriend a ton of lush goodies, I've also got him a Star Wars soap on a rope. I mean everyone needs to wash; you can't really go that wrong.

Alcohol! Chances are they have a favourite whether it's a whisky or a beer and Christmas is the time for gift sets. Sets with glasses or hip flasks can be great gifts, or maybe just a miniature bottle of his favourite can be a great stocking stuffer. 

Personal gifts are also great, if you have a memory that means a lot to you it can be great to buy a gift that revolves around that. It can also be a good idea to use photos within your gifts, for example I bought my boyfriend a personalised mouse mat as he uses his computer a lot. 

Box sets can also be a really good idea, whether it's a favourite tv series or a favourite film they will really be appreciated and it may even be something that you can watch together; which is definitely a plus!

Most of these work for any guy but if you're looking for a gift that is more slightly more expensive and specialised here are a few ideas:

  • Gaming; new game, Steamlink, steam voucher.
  • Sports; game tickets or team merchandise.
  • Foodie; new gadget or cookbook.
  • Ultimate Geek; loot crate subscription.
  • The Comedian; t-shirts or socks with jokes or funny quotes.
  • DIY; tools or books are great gifts. 

A great place to buy gifts is TK Maxx; they sell everything! You can go in there not having any idea what you are looking for and come out with a selection of gifts that you didn't even know existed, which is great for people who have no idea what to buy. 

I hope these gift ideas have made shopping that bit easier. 

Love Sarah

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