Thursday 22 December 2016

Top 10 Christmas films! ❅

With Christmas fast approaching what better way to get into a festive mood than being curled up under blankets with a hot chocolate, the lights out and a ton of candles?

1. Love Actually. Who hasn't seen this film? It's definitely a classic. I showed it to my boyfriend last year and he loved it, and now he keeps asking when we can watch it this year. It seriously pulls on those heartstrings! It's also packed with amazing actors, definitely one to watch. 

2. Greatest store in the World. Growing up I watched this film every year with my family, it always used to be on CBBC! Recently I rediscovered it, but it's impossible to find online and there's barely anywhere to buy it. Luckily I found the link online so we cuddled up to watch it on Saturday evening, it's just as good as I remembered! 

5. Elf. Who hasn’t heard of this family film? This film is well-loved by many. It’s a typical Christmas film, it has the laughter and the heart-warming ending and I can never get enough of it.

4. The Grinch. It’s a fun silly adaption of beloved children’s tale. It’s memorable and I love to watch it time and time again.

5. Home Alone Series. Kevin McAllister is seriously legit! In both the first and second film he saves the day and Christmas. It may not be at all realistic but even after all these years it’s still funny!

6. Nativity Series. I LOVE this series. Whilst these films are family friendly the adult jokes and the slight inappropriateness of this series is seriously the best! It’s get me every time.

7. Four Christmasses. This is one of the films I've seen more recently. I was searching for some more rom-com Christmas films and I came across this. It really tells it how it is when it comes to visiting family and needing to be in multiple places at the same time!

8. The Holiday. I gotta admit I'm a massive fan of Cameron Diaz, and who wouldn't love to spend Christmas in a snowy cottage. It's a good ol' rom-com, and it really puts you in the Christmas spirit! 

9. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This film is super funny and  puts me in a good and Christmassey mood. Also there is a few familiar faces. 

10. Scrooge. This is traditional film that gets you in the mood and ready for Christmas.  

Have you seen all these? Is there a film you love that’s not on this list?

Love Sarah

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