Wednesday 18 January 2017

10 ways to get inspired for 2017!

So you've made written your New Years Resolutions now to stick at them. Here are 10 ways to get you inspired and keep you focused on achieving what you want to!

1. Try a recipe off Pinterest that your have wanted to try for ages. Instead of sticking to the same meals find a recipe that you've been looking at for ages and try it! Most people have a Pinterest board with 'food goals'.

2. Revamp and mix up a room in your house. Everyone has that room that they really don't like, so change it! Make it your favourite room to be in.

3. Buy a piece of clothing you wouldn't normally and rock it! You know how it is; you see something and think I could never wear that. Well buy it and wear it. Yes you actually need to wear it, but it will remind you that you can be what you inspire to be!

4. Create an inspiration board for what you are aiming to achieve. Bring together everything you want to achieve or work towards and put it somewhere you can constantly see it to remind you. A post will be coming on my inspiration board in the next few weeks.

5. Treat yourself to 'something' get you inspired on whatever you want to achieve. This can be a new water bottle, new gym wear, anything! I bought myself a blog planner which has helped me work towards my goal of 150 blog posts this year.

6. Try a new make-up look that is completely different to your everyday style; such as a dark lipstick. Many people stick to the same look every single day and sometimes just changing it up can completely change your attitude.

7. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes you may not achieve what you want straight away. It's easy once you've slipped up to say "Oh well, won't bother with that anymore". Remind yourself that there's tomorrow and don't give up!

8. Go for a walk to relax your mind. Sometimes you get too preoccupied, so your mind becomes full of all this useless stuff; which will not help when you're trying to accomplish anything.

9. Make a playlist. Music is create for making and keeping you inspired so make a playlist of songs that make you want to be a go-getter. Whenever you aren't feeling inspired listen to it, it'll keep in you in a great mind frame and feeling positive for the future.

10. Give yourself credit for what you have achieved. Pay attention to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. The state of mind you need to be inspired will be difficult to achieve if you aren't addressing your needs. So look after yourself and don't be too hard on yourself otherwise you can't achieve anything.

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