Monday 2 January 2017

12 things to accomplish in 12 months

Each year I tend to make New Years Resolutions and I never seem to be the best at sticking to them. So this year whilst I may still make some New Years Resolutions I've decided to focus on 12 things to try and accomplish in the next 12 months because that seems totally do-able. Especially since some of them are not big things at all!

1. Create a budget - and stick to it! I love saving money much more than I love spending it, so I want to actually have more savings this time next year.

2. Pass my theory test. It's my aim every year to pass my driving test, so this year I'm just going to try and pass my theory!

3. Make new friends. Over the last few years I have been living in Southampton, and I have like no friends here at all! So I want to try and meet new people and hopefully attend some blogger events.

4. Have more natural make-up days. I tend to wear full glam everyday so I want to aim to have more chill make-up days and be more confident in doing so.

5. Reach 2000 Instagram followers. I made it to 1000 this year so let's make it to 2000 in 2017!

6. Cook a roast dinner a month. Totally random but I really wish I had more roast dinners, I always forget how much I love them.

7. Complete a series. I never finish a series of anything really so I want to watch a whole series from start to finish.

8. To write 150 blog posts in 2017. That's around 12-13 posts a month which is totally possible and realistic, I really want to put effort in this year with my blog.

9. Find a hobby that I love. There aren't very many things that I really love doing so I want to discover or even rediscover a hobby that I love.

10. Take better quality pictures. This kinda relates to writing more blog posts. I want to improve the quality of the pictures that goes with them.

11. Decide what I want to do after Uni. Life seems so overwhelming and I have no idea what I want to do next.

12. Look after myself a little more. Whether it be my mental or physical health, to look out for myself and treat myself better.

What do you want to accomplish this year?

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