Sunday 15 January 2017

21 Facts About Me

I've been blogging for a while now and have not really done many posts about me. Since I love reading posts like this and I'm 21,  I thought what better than a post with 21 Facts About Me . I hope you enjoy!

1. I love cute socks.
2. I was born on Easter Sunday (my birthday will also be on Easter Sunday this year)
3. I love Ted Baker; rose gold, pretty florals. What's not to love?
4. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 and a half years.
5. I'm Lactose Intolerant which means no cheese, chocolate or creamy pasta dishes.
6. I love Hello Kitty, not so much a Disney fan but everything Hello Kitty is what I'm all about.
7. I'm Pinterest obsessed.
8. I'm really clumsy, it's normal for me to walk into things all the time.
9. I love travelling. I've been to France, Switzerland, The Gambia, Austria and The Netherlands.
10. I could watch Friends all day, every day.
11. Family is everything.
12. I'm a night owl because I can never sleep at night, it's when I'm more productive.
13. I drink a lot of tea.
14. I collect cute mugs to drink that tea out of.
15. I love to save money, probably more than spend.
16. I have two younger brothers; who are 15 and 19. So not so little anymore!
17. Party planning is my thing; I love the attention to detail and putting it all together. I take it very seriously, I have since I was little.
18. I love to cook and bake; I make most meals from scratch.
19. Peonies are my favourite flowers, obviously.
20. I live in slipper socks, dressing gowns, onesies. Bascially anything cosy!
21. I have a Instax Mini 8 which I love to take Polaroid style pictures with.

Love Sarah

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