Monday 9 January 2017

Beauty Bucket list - products and brands to try in 2017!

I guess you could call this the beauty goals posts versus my other 2017 resolutions style post. Recently I've come to the conclusion that I seem to stick to using the same products and the same brands so the aim of this post is to list the products I've been wanting to try in an attempt to get me out of my comfort zone and try new things!

I have never tried anything from Nars so this year I want to. I don't know what though so I'll have to do some research into what Nars does best at and try and find some recommendations.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
I have wanted to try the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish forever and hopefully 2017 will be the year I do. I'm not much of a skincare junkie but this is definitely a product I have heard a lot about and am intrigued!

NYX has been readily accessible for a while now and I've been meaning to try one of their soft matte lip creams, because they look amazing, come in so many colours and are only £5.50! Who knows maybe I'll try some of their other products too.

I'm a novice when it comes to eyelashes but I was gifted a pair last year and  I really want to start wearing them more often even if it's only on special occasions.

I tried a Sleek eye shadow palette a few years ago and I loved it but I haven't tried anything since so I want to try so more of their palettes whether it be face or eyes.

Milani Blushes
I having been looking at the baked blushes forever they look so pretty and I want to see if they are any good. The rose blushes also look really good as do some of the lipsticks.

Hopefully later on in the year I will be able to update with how many of these products I have tried and my opinions of them!

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