Thursday 12 January 2017

Youtubers I'm Loving Right Now

I've been watching Youtube for what seems like forever but there are very few people that I consistently watch time and time again. I love catching up on their vlogs every week and seeing what they've been getting up to. They def deserve a ton more subscribers than they have! 

I first came across Holly around 3 years ago, when she was pregnant with her daughter Katarina. Since then she has grown so much as person and you can definitely see how much time she puts into her videos; her baking and beauty skills are incredible. She's definitely one to watch and deserves much more recognition for her videos (her storytime videos are really great too). She films all her videos at night which I can definitely relate too as that's when I get the most done. She's also been in the Superdrug magazine recently which was really cool to see.

I've been watching Rosanna for a couple of years now (I actually went back and watched her vlogs from the beginning I enjoyed them that much!) Her videos are really great to watch whether you want a beauty tutorial, a vlog, or a fitness video she covers all bases. Her make-up skills are amazing and I definitely trust her reviews and opinions. She is really relatable and down to earth and isn't afraid to talk about the controversial stuff. There has been many times when she is talking about what she is going through and I'm feeling the exact same way so it's really great to know you're not the only one. Oh and and on a lighter note I love her Snapchat too.

I discovered Amelia through Rosanna and have been watching her for a while now. Through out the time I have been watching her she hasn't had the best time of it and 2016 wasn't the best year for Amelia but the strength that she has shown is truly inspiring. It was been incredible to watch her grow as a person and really come into herself. Her videos are more travel and lifestyle based with beauty on occasion too. I have serious envy of some of the places she has travelled to; Thailand is somewhere I have always wanted to visit! I love reading her blog aswell. 

Who are your favourite YouTubers right now?

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