Sunday 2 April 2017

12 things to accomplish in 12 months - Update!

Back in January I wrote a post about 12 things that I want to accomplish this year. Since we are now about a quarter of the way through the year I thought I'd look back and see how I've been doing and remind myself so I can get working towards those that I haven't already.

1. Create a budget - and stick to it! I have been doing this! It's great always knowing where your money has gone and not struggling to find the money for the rent at the end of the month!

2. Pass my theory test. I have done literally nothing towards accomplishing this. That needs to change.

3. Make new friends. It can be really hard to put yourself out there so that's definitely something that I need work on, and take myself out of my comfort zone.

4. Have more natural make-up days. I can't seem to step away from the winged eye-liner and the strong highlight! Definitely going to try harder to as it gets warmer though.

5. Reach 2000 Instagram followers. People on Instagram tend to follow, unfollow and follow again so my Instagram followers are constantly changing. Currently I have 1035 but it varies every day.

6. Cook a roast dinner a month. So far so good, we have made one every month so far and there's no reason for that to change.

7. Complete a series. I need to start one first; I really can't decide what to watch. Definitely going to rewatch Pretty Little Liars from the start though.

8. To write 150 blog posts in 2017. 10 blog posts written so far, which means I have 140 to write in the next 8 months. This might be a bit of a challenge as that's around 16 blog posts a month.

9. Find a hobby that I love. Easier said than done but I'm definitely trying to find more things that make me happy.

10. Take better quality pictures. I always seem to miss the best bit of the day, I've placed an order for some props and background stuff so hopefully that'll help too.

11. Decide what I wanna do after Uni. I think I've figured this out, I just have to now get the job and put everything into motion.

12. Look after myself a little more. I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that I need make the first move in order to get the help that will make me feel better and I'm trying to put myself out there and work towards that.

Overall I don't feel I have been as successful and I could have been but some steps have been made in the right direction. Did you set yourself New Years resolutions? How are they going?

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