Sunday 28 May 2017

10 Easy Ways To Save Money

I love to save money and I hate to pay more than I need to for anything! That doesn't mean I need to sacrifice my lifestyle though, I nearly always have pretty nails; a magazine for long journeys and yummy coffee. I just go about it in a different way.

1. Do You Own Gel Nails
Now I'm not saying never get your nails done professionally ever again but making a small investment in getting the equipment needed to do gel nails will save you a lot of money in the long run. I tend to save professional manicures for special occasion as more of a treat.

2. Buy A Magazine Subscription
If you are one of those people that tend to buy magazines a lot, whether it be monthly or more than that a magazine subscription will most likely save you money. I have the Cosmopolitan subscription which is £12. This means it is £1 a magazine and whilst it may sometimes be offer for a £1 it's not for definite. There are also lots of other magazines that you can buy annually.

3. Make You Own Food and Coffee
Think about how much you spend a day on a morning coffee and your lunch. Times that by 20, and that's how much you spend a month on food and drink. Lunch doesn't need to be a basic sandwich, there are so many amazing recipes you can make. I like to make coffee with my Tassimo, whilst it's still not the cheapest option ever it's much less than it would cost me in Starbucks or Costa.

4. Don't Be A Brand Snob
In some cases buying branded food is better; whether it be health wise or taste wise. There are times when it pays to spend more. That being said there are some really great supermarket own brands out there. For example I love the Lidl Coconut Cove White Rum and it's only £3.99 compared to that of Malibu which is £15, mixed with coke or juice you really can't tell the difference!

5. Use Cashback Websites
Cashback websites are great because you can get money back on so many things that you were planning on buying anyway. I really adds up if you try and use it wherever possible. Once it has cleared you can then withdraw the money whether it be in cash or vouchers (you tend to get a better deal with vouchers!)

6. Mix and Match with Primark and Topshop
Now I'm not suggesting you buy your whole wardrobe from Primark but for me when it comes to vest tops and sandals there I see no reason to spend over the odds on them. Vest tops are the pretty much the same whether you get them from Topshop or Primark and I don't know about you but my sandals always seem to get all sandy and dirty and I replace them every year anyway! This may be different for everyone but the easiest way to save money when it really think about whether what you're buying is worth the money.

7. Don't Accept The First Price You See
Shops like Urban Outfitters like to charge a lot more than necessary for some of their products, for example Fujifilm Instax film is £30 for 20 sheets at Urban Outfitters or £14.55 on Amazon. Now I like Urban Outfitters as much as the next person but that's ridiculous! So check online that what you're getting is actually a good deal and you're not getting ripped off. My camera itself was from John Lewis which was must less than it would've cost me anywhere else so shop around before you buy.

8. Switch Utilities
Until recently I had no idea how much money you could save simply by switching your utility providers. You can save hundreds a year by switching, it's not complicated either! uSwitch makes it super quick and easy, all you have to do is give them your bank details address and the new supplier will contact you with information about your service switch over date. It's best to check a couple of times a year that you are still getting the best plan.

9. Don't Get A Takeaway Every Week
It may be tempting to get a takeaway every week, but a take our every week really adds up. I used to be obsessed with Deliveroo, I don't even want to think how much money I spent! Now I only have it as a treat. If I want pizza I buy a fresh or frozen pizza from Aldi, Chinese I buy the 'takeaway' style food from Tesco or Asda. There's so much options and it's normally on offer. Admittedly it's not quite the same but the saving you make is well worth it. You definitely appreciate it more when you do have it too.

10. Plan For Everything
It may seem like common sense but if you plan for Christmas, it will save you money. You tend to get better offers on most things before the festive period starts. Saving money throughout the year can also really help! Then you don't have to pay for it all outright in December or January. Equally, if you plan your meals and only buy what you need and you will save so much money. It will also stop you wasting food. Plan your travel, and book your train tickets in advance. Thinking ahead can save you so much money in the long run!

Those are my 10 Easy Ways to Save Money I hope it has shown you that you don't need to completely change your lifestyle in order to save money.

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