Sunday 7 May 2017

5 Products To Keep You Organised

I love to be organised. I mean who doesn't, and being organised means that I able to save money and be prepared for any occasion. So I put together a list of products that either I love and use or that I've been lusting over recently. 

1. Busy B Birthday Card Book - £12.85, Amazon
I love the idea of this! It has pockets to store cards, and a calendar so you would never forget anyone's Birthday again. I've used Busy B products in the past and they are really good quality and well worth the money.

2. Meal Planner - £2.75, Wilko
Planning your meals is one of the easiest things to do and it can benefit you so much. It means that
always know that there is a meal planned and that you have the ingredients needed. This therefore means you waste less and spend less.

3. Budget Book - £12, Paperchase
Who else gets to the end of the month and has no idea where their money has gone? That's why I started using a budget book. By writing down my income and outgoings I was able to see where my money was going and if I was overspending in any areas.

4. Ultimate Blog Planner - £12.50, Dot Creates
I love blogging and this planner really helps me to keep my ideas organised and help me remember what blog posts I'm planning. It's got a ton of pages for a ton of blog posts! There's really no better way to organise your blogging world than with this planner. 

5. The Happiness Planner - £28, Anthropologie
Completely different to the other planners it helps you work towards your goals, make changes in your life to make you happier and build your mental strength. This planner has so many sections to help with every part of your life, it even has an app!

Do you own any of these products? Do they help you stay organised?

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