Sunday 25 June 2017

Learning To Help Yourself

Whatever you are struggling with one of the biggest and most difficult steps is the realisation that you need to help yourself. By not helping yourself you will never be able to resolve or recover from whatever you are going through and you don't have the opportunity to have so much more.

Before anyone else is able to offer help you need to help yourself, let people know that you're struggling. If this sounds like you here are 5 things that can help you improve your situation.

1. Understand you need help and look for it.
Whether you are struggling with depression, debt or a legal issue there are people and charities out there that can help. Their aim is to support you in the best way possible and help you get your life back on track.

2. Talk to a close family member or friend that you trust.
It can be really difficult to tell the people around you that you're struggling but these people care the most for you and only want to love and help you, so let them! Let them support you and offer their advice if they have any to give. It will help you feel a lot less alone.

3. Realise you are important.
You have your whole life ahead of you, and you are really important in shaping this world and playing your part. No two people are the same and your life is valuable! Don't waste it, want more from your life. You deserve a good chance at life so let yourself into all the opportunities so you can have one.

4. It's never the end.
It may feel like everything is towering over you and there's no way out but it isn't the end and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (even if it is a long tunnel!). There are so many times when I felt like it was never going to all work out and it did. So if something doesn't work out the first time try, and try again.

5. Don't blame yourself.
Blaming yourself will not fix anything! All you can do now is improve the situation you can't go back and change it. It's very likely that by blaming yourself you'll be convincing yourself that you don't deserve help because you're in the wrong. No one is perfect and life will never be plain sailing.
I hope this post is helpful, if you are in a situation in which you are struggling please seek help. I have listed a few charities below which offer support for various issues.

Sunday 18 June 2017

Summer Fashion Inspiration 2017

When I did my Spring Fashion Inspiration I was loving embroidery and that hasn't changed! There have been so many beautiful pieces with incredible embroidered patterns. I'm also loving bardot style tops and dresses, they are just so summery and lovely in the warmer weather.

 Gingham Frill Mini Skirt - £15.99 New Look
Chester Floral Clutch Bag - £29, Topshop
Embroidered Platform Sandals - £34, Topshop
Peyton Satin Sliders - £18, Miss Selfridge
Stripe Frill Bardot Blouse - £28, Miss Selfridge
Bow wrap choker - £8.50, Miss Selfridge
MOTO Painted Boyfriend Shorts - £34, Topshop
Beige Floral Print Lace-up Back Dress - £13, Primark
White frill hem bralet - £26, River Island

What are you loving right now?

*this blog post contains affiliate links

Thursday 15 June 2017

Poundland Wedding & Hen Party Haul

On the 12th June Poundland released their new hen party and wedding ranges. Since I love a good bargain and I know a few people who have recently got engaged it really intrigued me.

I got the Countdown plaque, Engaged mug and Wedding Planner, from the wedding range. I also got the badges, the paper loot bags, the photo booth props and 'The How Well Do You Know The Bride' quiz sheets from the Team Bride hen party range.

Overall I think that what you get is well worth the money. The sign is fantastic value as a similar one would go for around £5. The mug is also a really good deal; this style of mug can sell for up to £10. The wedding planner on the other hand not so much. Whilst it looks cute, the pages are plain and there aren't any grids or lines. That being said if you are just starting your planning it may be helpful to jot down notes and keep them separated into categories.

The hen party range reminds me of something you find in Paperchase, and has a very similar style to the Ginger Ray's hen party range. The Team Bride badges are bright pink with 'Team Bride' printed on them in white; they come in a set of 12 for £1, which is a total bargain. Especially if you are unsure of how many guests you will be having as there is enough to cater most bridal parties. The loot bags are also pink with a similar Team Bride graphic, they come in a set of 6. Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular recently and these props would be perfect for any Hen Party photos. They come in a set of 10 which includes; a champagne bottle, microphone, ring and crown. They are pink with gold glitter. The last thing I bought from the Team Bride range is the quiz sheets. The quiz sheets come in sets on 15 and have 20 questions on each sheet. These range from; 'When is her Birthday' to 'Where did she meet the Groom?'. They would be perfect Hen Party entertainment and basically just a bit of fun. I love the metallic gold on them too definitely makes them look more expensive than a £1!

Altogether I think theses range is amazing and well worth the price! The quality is fantastic and they would be perfect for any bride on a budget or not. They are available in selected Poundland stores.

Sunday 11 June 2017

Blogging Goals

Back in January I wrote a post about my goals for the year. I included my blog goals in with them but since then I have set myself more blogging goals so I've decided to write a post specifically about them.

1. Reach 10,000 views
I am so close and I would love to reach at least 10,000 views by the end of the year. I'm so close I definitely think I would achieve this if I'm consistent with my posting.

2. Comment on 3 blog posts a day
There are so many amazing bloggers out there and I read so many blog posts every day, I want to try and comment on the ones that I enjoy. 

3. Attend more blogging events
I recently attended my first blog event and it was a big step for me (and I really enjoyed it!). Before the end of the year I want to have attended some more blog events.

4. Do Outfit Of The Day Posts
I would love to do outfit posts. Hopefully my boyfriend can take the pictures for me and they can become a regular thing on my blog.

5. Plan, write and schedule posts at least 3 days ahead of time
I always seem to leave writing me posts to the last minute, even if I have a ton of ideas I never seem to actually get round to writing them until the day before I want to publish them.

Do you have any goals for your blog?

Sunday 4 June 2017

Soton Bloggers Brunch ♥

On Saturday 3rd June I attended my first blogging event, Soton Bloggers Brunch.
It was held at Rogues Café which is new on the scene in Southampton. It offers a fantastic array of different food from American pancakes to Burgers and hot sandwiches. 

Rogues is definitely a café with character, it has been really well put together and has a great atmosphere. The decor is unconventional and really cool. It also has the terrace area outside which is great for the upcoming Summer evenings. I had the French toast and it was absolutely delicious, perfectly sweet and lovely for brunch. The staff which were really welcome and helpful. The service was fantastic and we didn’t have to wait long for our food. There is also Percy the friendly café dog.

Bloggers were also asked to bring Sanitary products to donate to volunteer-led Homeless Period Southampton, a great cause. Together we collected around 40 products which could then be donated.

It was lovely to meet new people and I really enjoyed my first blogging event and I hope to attend more. I also definitely want to return to Rogues Café and see what else they have to offer! There are so many other things on the menu that look amazing. I love discovering new places to eat and it is one you should definitely try. Rogues Café can be found off West Marlands road near the Guildhall.

*Food was purchased with discount provided by Rogues Café