Sunday 2 July 2017

Afternoon Tea Party - On a Budget!

Every year my boyfriend and I hold a little gathering to celebrate his Mum's Birthday. Party planning is my thing and so as you can expect I like to go all out. This year I decided to do an Afternoon tea party. Since we have recently become super frugal and all about saving money we decided to do it on a budget. I actually think it turned out a lot better than other years when had spent more money, so it definitely shows you don't need to spend a lot of money in order to throw a good party.

 Poundworld have recently brought out the prettiest summer range and it was exactly what I had in mind, I love the pink ombre and the polka dots! Super appropriate for a tea party. Really good value too, you get 24 Cups, 20 Plates 12 Bowls and 24 Napkins and 20 bunting flags. So altogether it only costs us £5 and we have lots left over! There is also straws and ice cream bowls in the same range but I own way too many straws already, and I couldn't find a use for the ice cream bowls. The tablecloth was £2 and the confetti £1, they were both from Asda.

As for the food, for sandwiches we had; egg mayo, tuna cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese and cheese and ham. We also had sausage rolls, handmade quiches, crisps, scones, mini cakes, battenbergs, and french fancies. As for the Birthday cake I decided to something a bit different and made a giant scone filled with cream and jam. Party food can be really expensive but since we wanted to keep the costs as low as possible we took advance of things we already had in the cupboard or freezer. I'm also bought food from the Smartprice range; the sausage rolls were 50 for 88p, and the crisps 192g for 59p(  (you would never know they were that cheap!) The cakes were on offer, and altogether we were able to spend under £10 on it all. We had lots of leftovers too! 

I hope this helps if you plan on throwing a party, and gives you some ideas.

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