Sunday 9 July 2017

Summer Primark Haul

With the warmer weather approaching it only seemed right to get some new Summery clothes and where better than Primark? I have loved Primark since I was a young teen and they are definitely still my favourite when it comes fun seasonal fashion pieces.I went into Primark hoping to find new tops or shirts, new sandals and hopefully some new swimwear.  They didn't disappoint.

 I've noticed recently that embroidery has really been in style whether it be shirts or jeans and I think it's gorgeous. So when I came across this black and white Gingham vest-style top with pink embroidery I was in love. It's definitely the kind of top I can dress up or down. It costs £8. I also fell in love with this white flute shirt, with rose embroidery. Whilst it's not something I would normally buy I thought the design was absolutely beautiful and definitely something I could see myself wearing; for £10 it was a bargain too!

Next on my list was new swimwear. I really struggle to find swimwear that I love and that fits me well but when I saw this bikini I fell in love with the pattern. A lot of the Primark bikinis come in lots of different styles within the same pattern so you have the option to mix and match styles for your body type. After trying on multiple styles I decided on the Ruffle top with the bottoms with cut-outs.The top was £6, and the bottoms £4. I was unable to find any sandals that I liked but I did find a pair of flip flops. They are pink with gold pineapples and will be perfect for my Summer holidays. Since they only cost £2 I don't mind if they get super scratched or anything either. Lastly is accessories. I love to buy a new pair of sunglasses every year as they are so cheap and my last pair always ends up broken or scratched up. This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and instead of the normal aviators I got a pair that were actually the one on my Spring Fashion Inspiration post and more of a retro style.

I love everything I got and I hope to get so much wear out of it this Summer! Is there anything I should keep my eye out for next time I'm in Primark?

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