Saturday 2 December 2017

A Guide To Lush's Christmas Collection 2017 - Bath Bombs! ❅

Lush have really stepped it up with their Christmas Collection this year; from bubble bars to shower jellies the selection is endless. As there are so many new products it can be hard to know where to start. To make it easier I've put together 3 blog posts; one for bath bombs, one for shower gels and one for everything else. So whatever you are looking for you'll be able to find the product perfect for you!

Here are the bath bombs, bubbleroons, bath melts and bubble bars that Lush has brought out this year; from sweet scents to spicy there is one for everyone!

Crumble this beautiful purple bubble bar under running water for hundreds of bubbles that smell of juicy plum and Sicilian mandarin. This one is great if you love the scent on Plum Rain.

This honey, Brazilian orange and bergamot scented bath bomb leaves your bath beautifully sparkling with gold glitter. If you love Honey I Washed The Kids you'll love this one!

An oldie but goodie! This vibrant bath bomb has the calming scent of lavender and warm tonka. Perfect to help you relax. This bath bomb is great if you like the twilight scent.

This cute Christmas sweater bath bomb is hot and spicy. This slow fizzing bath bomb is perfect for relaxing tired muscles after a long day Christmas shopping. 

This bath bomb creates a beautiful blue bath with the soft scent of peppermint and cocoa absolute. Since the scent is mild this bath bomb is perfect for just about anyone.

The fresh scent of lime and wild orange means this bath bomb will lift your spirits whilst also leaving your skin silky soft. It also creates a beautiful mixture of oranges and pinks as it fizzes.

As you crumble this bubble bar under running water it gold lustre leaves the bath sparkling. The sweet lime and neroli oils scent is uplifting whilst the cocoa butter is moisturising.

Ylang Ylang oil and Jasmine absolute create a indulgent scented bubble bar which turns the water a beautiful blue with hundreds of  bubbles. 

Sweet and fresh this bath bomb offers an uplifting mix of citrus oils; the grapefruit oil is energising, whilst the lime oil is protecting and the sicilian lemon oil is cleansing. This sweet scent is quite strong and so may not be for everyone. 

A calming bubble bar with lavender, vanilla and tonka absolute you'll be relaxed in no time. The lavender is calming whilst the vanilla is sweet and comforting; perfect after a long day!

This bright bubble bar has a citrus scent which is refreshing and uplifting; with lemon myrtle oil and lime essentials oils. Popping candy gives your bath a 'bang'.

This sweet and comforting bath bomb infuses your bath with a warm vanilla scent whilst softening your skin with cocoa butter; which is great for dry or sensitive skin.

How cute is this snowman bubbleroon?! The mix of sicilian lemon oil and lemon myrtle oils are refreshing and will lift your mood. Whilst the Cocoa and Shea butter will keep your skin moisturised during the cold winter.

14. Snow Angel Bath Melt, £4.50
This beautiful bath melt fills your bath with a white foam followed by golden glitter. With cocoa butter it moisturies your skin, and benzoin it eases aching muscles.  

This shimmery silver bath melt, will leave your bath with beautiful pink, blue and lilac waters. The Chinese ginger and lime oils are refreshing whilst the Murumuru butter moisurises. If you're not a glitter addict this one may not be for you!

This sweet orange and lime oil bath bomb offers both a sweet and warming scent. Cognac oil and sparkly lustre bring beautiful golden wonder to your bath. 

One of the many products with the Snow Fairy scent, this jelly bomb is both a bath bomb and a shower gel (this one may not be for everyone as it is slightly out there!).

Swirl this wand in your bath and you will be graced with beautiful pink water and sweet bubbles. This bubble bar can be used up to 10 times making it a bargain at only £5.95!

Cinnamon leaf and cloves are warming, stimulate the skin and boost circulation; the almond oil is sweet and softening. This spicy and sweet bubble bar truly smells of Christmas. 

This giant version of golden wonder, this bath bomb is big! This giant bath can take up to 10 minutes to dissolve. Definitely one for bath bomb lovers (with a lot of time on their hands!).

This  beautiful pink and white bubble bar leaves your bath smelling of sweet vanilla and leaves your skin incredibly soft. A small piece of this bar creates a ton of bubbles!

I hope you find this helpful and it makes shopping at Lush this festive season a little less overwhelming! Look out for my posts on Lush's other Christmas products if you're intrigued by what else they have to offer.

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