Sunday 15 April 2018

23 Things I've Learned In 23 Years

20 years ago, Look at that 90's fashion!
Tomorrow I will be turning 23, to be honest it feels like it was yesterday that I was turning 18 and finally becoming an 'adult' so I can't believe it's my 23rd Birthday tomorrow. Whilst I think the last 5 years have been the most important in terms of learning new things, there are so many things I've learnt over the last 23 years that have really made me who I am today.

1. Don't be too hard on yourself. You may not be doing as well as you want, but that does't mean you're failing. Give yourself a break, and celebrate what you have achieved.

2. Appreciate all the little things. Be grateful for them, celebrate them and appreciate them. They really matter. Equally don't stress about the little things. You won't remember them in the long term, so don't waste your energy stressing yourself out about them. I mean can you really remember when you had a bad hair day?

3. The quantity of friends doesn't matter, it's the quality that does. Have good people in your life that are always there for you and have your back. Let them know you appreciate them, and never take anyone for granted.

4. Everything will turn out okay in the end. At the time it may seem like the end of the world, but you'll look back and wonder why you worried so much.

5. Nobody's life is perfect. Yeah it looks like they have it all on Instagram, but you don't know what they are going through.

6. Equally don't compare yourself to everyone on Instagram, it's not healthy and it's not good for your self worth. You're a perfect version of you.

7. Don't try to be someone you're not. Be yourself and don't care what other people think, life is too short ( I haven't quite got there with this one, but I'm trying!)

8. It's okay to make mistakes. Accept that you made them, learn from them and move on. I mean who doesn't make mistakes?! No one is perfect; even if you think they are!

9. It's important to step out of your comfort zone in order seek change. In order for change to happen you must be proactive and push yourself to reach your goals.

10. Prioritise your well-being. It's okay to put yourself first sometimes and always look after both your physical and mental health.

11. Don't spend all your money just because you can. Whilst it may be great at the time having a ton of new clothes and Prosecco for days, they are things you'll benefit from in the moment and then they'll be gone. Save a little each month and you'll appreciate it later on.

12. Everything happens for a reason. This is so cliche, but you learn so much from your experiences both good and bad so it is really important that you have them.

13. Anything is possible, you never know what life has around the corner when you least expect it. Don't just expect them to, you have to work to achieve your dreams.

14. Music is the answer to so many problems. Stressed? Music. Sad? Music. Happy? Sing along to music. It really can help your mood, whether you're sad or celebrating.

15. University isn't everything. I always thought I had to go to University, and whilst I loved it, and really wish I had graduated, it really isn't the end of the world (which is definitely how it seemed at the time!)

16. No one can read your mind, so don't assume they know how you're feeling. People won't be able to help if you don't tell them how you feel.

17. Life isn't about how many things you own, it's about the people and experiences.

18. Balance is key, everything in moderation. That works for just about everything from your spending to your diet.

19. The finance decisions you make at 18, can effect you until you're 24! There really isn't enough said about this, but a bad decision aged 18 will stay on your credit file until you're 24. So be wise with your money, and don't miss any payments!

20. Not everyone's success is the same. Since everyone has different goals, and dreams it's impossible to define what being successful actually means. As long as you are trying your hardest, and working towards your goals that's all that matters.

21. Skincare is important. It's so important to look after your skin, so don't just use make-up wipes and be done with it and don't get burnt! It's causes aging let alone the other risks.

22. Don't make excuses for yourself, or other people. Accept it and move on.

23. It's okay to ask for help! You don't have to always do it on your own, whilst it's great to be independent it's also really important to ask for help. So don't be stubborn and struggle on your own.

I'm sure in the next few years I will continue to learn so much more, with so many exciting things ahead how can I not? What important life lessons have you learnt?

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