Wednesday 11 April 2018

Getting Motivated & Finding Your Niche?

Finding Your Niche?

I love blogging, it’s no secret. That being said I’ve been struggling to decide what I type of blog I want to have. For the last four years it has been about beauty or fashion whilst not really having an obvious aim. Whilst I still love beauty, and fashion I don’t love them as much as I once did and so it has been hard to focus and stay motivated.

The blogging community is such  a diverse community. Whilst you can blog about anything and there is a place for everyone; it easy to not know where you belong. Am I a beauty blogger? Or a fashion blogger? I don't believe you need meet certain requirements; it's just important to ensure you passionate about what are writing about, then you'll have your place.

I want to write about what I enjoy and what I am passionate about. I am  really dedicated to saving money, if you know me in person you know I’m always talking about ways to cut costs and stick to budget. I love to get good deals on high end products and I don’t think you  need to spend a lot to live a luxurious life. I love to throw parties, from the planning, to finding the supplies and creating the decorations. Party planning is my thing. 

My blog is going to become a place where I can write about money saving or party planning; beauty or fashion. Whilst I'm calling it lifestyle it is going to be a place where I write about what I'm loving right now. This will give my blog the freedom to grow as my life changes. 

The last few years have been tough on me but I now feel as if I am coming out the other side and things are looking up. So I’m hoping to motivate myself and transform my blog into something I can be  proud of. In order to do that I need to get myself my motivated, here are some tips that have helped me get my head in the game. 

Tips For Getting and Staying Motivated!
  • Organisation is key, planning ahead will ensure you have much more chance of getting things you want to get done. Fail to prepare; prepare to fail. 
  • Find inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram are great when searching for inspiration. 
  • Set yourself one goal, it is very easy to get overwhelmed when you feel like you have lot you you want to achieve. By limiting your focus it will be easier to motivate yourself. 
  • Get excited about your achieving your goal, this can be done by finding inspiration and building on that. Talk to people about it, and visualize yourself achieving your goal. 
  • Get support; finding someone to help you will keep you on the right track and focused. 
  • Start small, it's really important that what you are aiming towards is realistic.So set goals that are easily achievable to start with.
  • Stick at it, don't give up. Even if you're having an off day, don't give up. It's just a bump in the road, so don't give up when it gets tough.
Most importantly try to enjoy what you are doing, I know that's not always possible but if you are enjoy what you're doing you're more likely to be motivated. 

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