Wednesday 10 October 2018

Should I Get Wedding Insurance?

What Is Wedding Insurance?

To be totally honest before getting engaged I really didn't know much about wedding insurance. I mean really it's common sense; you spend a lot on a wedding so it makes sense to have it insured. It can really be a bit of a minefield working out what is included, what isn't and whether you need it or not.

What Does It Cover?

Wedding insurance usually covers venue and supplier failure and important people falling ill.
Typically a standard policy will cover: 
  • You have to cancel as key people can not attend due to illness, accidents or death
  • Lost, damaged or stolen items
  • Suppliers letting you down
  • If you don't receive your photos/video
  • Your personal liability and your legal expenses.
  • Your venue going bust or cancelling
For the most part standard wedding insurance policy won't cover:
  • Cold feet
  • Cancellation if part of your day goes wrong
  • Financial difficulty (if you can't afford the wedding anymore)
  • Pre-existing conditions that mean you have to cancel
As insurance policies vary it's important you find a policy suitable for you. Certain policies may cover:
  • Bad weather
  • Marquee cover
  • Ceremonial swords
  • Public liability 
If not you may be able to pay more to have them added to the policy.

Do I Really Need It?

Whilst it's not compulsory I really do think it's something you should definitely have. Once I had booked the venue and photographer it was the next thing I did; for me there was no doubt in my mind that it was really important to have. I definitely didn't want to risk not having it.

You can buy it two years in advance and the earlier you buy it the better as it'll mean you're covered if something goes wrong before the big day. 

How Do I Find A Good Deal?

I love a finding a bargain and wedding insurance was no different. When finding your insurance it's important that you find a policy that completely covers the value of your wedding even if you have to pay a bit more. Wedding insurance isn't on the main insurance comparison sites so you have to shop around a bit more. is a good place to start but it excludes several larger insurers such as John Lewis so you will still need to a bit of research to get the best deal.

Once you have the best deal don't forgot to check for cashback, since planning a  wedding is so expensive any savings you make can definitely help. I got my insurance with Wedding Plan Insurance as the quote was reasonable and I ended up getting nearly £5 back in cashback which can be spent on something else for the wedding. 

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