Saturday 2 February 2019

Matalan Wedding Range 2019

Matalan have just released a wedding range and it doesn't disappoint; from bridal swimsuits, to wedding gifts there is so much to choose from. Even better than that it’s totally affordable; with prices starting at £3! So wherever you are in your planning process, or even if you know someone who is getting married it is definitely worth a look.

I know with my wedding fast approaching there will definitely be a few things I'll be getting!

Bride & Groom Milestone Cards, £5 Wedding Planner & Pen, £8
Wedding Day Instagram Hashtag Signs, £3 Bride & Groom Wedding Day Advice Cards, £3
Bride Emergency Kit, £6 I Do Crew Manicure and Pedicure Kit, £5
Hen Party Wedding Memory Book, £5 I Do Crew Emergency Kit, £6
Bride or Groom Question Game, £8 Bridesmaid Slogan Nightie, £7
Bride Slogan Nightie, £7 Wedding Fund Money Box, £7
Wifey To Be T-shirt, £6 Bride Squad T-shirt, £6
Wifey Slogan Swimsuit, £10 Wifey Slogan Vest Dress, £7
Henoritas Slogan Vest Dress, £7  Henoritas Bridal T-shirt, £6
Henoritas Slogan Swimsuit, £10 Henoritas Slogan Swimsuit, £10
I Do Crew Slogan Swimsuit, £10 Miss To Mrs Bridal Swimsuit, £10
Bride Slogan Swimsuit, £10 Bride Tribe Slogan Swimsuit, £10
I Do Crew Slogan Vest Dress, £7 Miss To Mrs Slogan Vest Dress, £7
Bride Slogan Vest Dress, £7 Bride Tribe Slogan Vest Dress, £7

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